In every part of Italy, the bicycle is both a mean of transportation and a sport item, but in Romagna it’s an element of tradition.
The the roll of honor of the Giro di Romagna, started back in 1910, is full of legendary names: Costante Girardengo, Alfredo Binda, Learco Guerra, Fausto Coppi, Fiorenzo Magni, Felice Gimondi and the Italian National Team Manager Davide Cassani.


from a commemorative plaque at Passo del Trebbio:

“on this hill consecrated to sport legend Romagna, generous land of champions with this bronze celebrates the humble steel horse spring of athletic virtues of serene joy of living fertile inspiration of its writers and poets”


7 good reasons that will lead you to Romagna, bikers and connoisseurs land

1) Roads thought for bikes
well kept roads, old routes and gentle slopes on the hill sides; only local traffic, little and slow.

2) A grill of valleys and passages
Several parallel valleys oriented to the south and Tuscany region, demanding passages and nervous transversal hills. Routes to be broken up and recomposed in different itineraries, just like Lego bricks.

3) Cycling myth
around here have triumphed the great names of cycling who wrote pages of history.

4) Churches, castles and hamlets
isolated churches, bold castles, cheerful hamlets, dizzying mountain faces of sedimentary rocks here and there, the typical shapes of the clayish calanchi of the Appennino.

5) The right climate
a lot of sun, little wind, cool breeze from the nearby Adriatic Sea and the valleys orientation to contrast main winds direction: a friendly climate.

6) Satisfy your palate
at the end of a day dedicated to sport, it will be pleasant to trust in the local cuisine, simple but rich of tradition.

7) Restore strength
eventually, to end up the day facilitating recovery after an intense athletic activity, the warm reception of the thermal baths.