Bikerunit is a startup supplying athletic preparation through coaching and training activities to those who practices on road or mountain bike cycling. It addresses to the cyclist who loves to keep its fitness, preventing and contrasting some widespread pathologies of the western world, often caused by lifestyles and ageing. Above all, the metabolic syndrome, the risk of cardio-vascular issues and degenerative muscular-skeleton disturbs. In addition to these services, the project foresees weekly stays in convention with Terme di Riolo (RA).

Bikerunit also promotes cycle-tourism and local territory by organizing bike-trips and excursions for its guests: the company in fact moves along 3 different levels by offering medical, recreational and touristic activities. The medical activity includes check-ups, tests and evaluation for sportsmen carried out thanks to the availability of a highly qualified staff. The recreational/thermal activity directly benefits from the location where the project take place. The touristic activity implies the organization of trips, itineraries and cultural visits allowing to discover and promote our territory.



Investments in research, innovation, development and technology focus on two aspects. Bikerunit offers an innovative advice for its athletic/medical perspective: it is the first company introducing to amateur bikers high technology value athletic/medical performances based on the most advanced methods of analysis and athletic preparation. Machinery and recording methodology will in fact allow the physiological study of the athletic exercise enabling to evaluate – for the first time directly on field and during actual physical activity – of the main metabolic and performance parameters.

The first step consists in measuring height, weight and plicometry associated to the calculation of cardiovascular risk indexes, to the basal metabolism evaluation and to nutritional profile. Subsequently, the biker will face a cardio-circulatory test through metabograph (oxygen consumption) and ceiling cardiovascular test, followed by a road test to record on field the pushing force on pedals (power measurement) evaluating possible differences of applied force. At the end of the tests, a customized schedule based on recorded results will be handed out, reporting optimal performance level , recommended cardiac frequencies for health safeguard and methodology of athletic preparation with nutritional plan included.



Bikerunit, on the technological aspect, offers an innovative support to the amateur biker, aided by informatics tools as well as web and mobile applications and sets the goal of establishing constant collaborative relationships with industry firms safeguarding cyclist’s health in the first place.

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Marco Patierno :

Marco Patierno

Chief Executive Officer, Physician, physiatrist

Marco Coppari :

Marco Coppari

Surveyor, Director

Ilaro Ghiselli :

Ilaro Ghiselli

Chairman, Entrepreneur

Luigi Bagnoli :

Luigi Bagnoli

Physician, Gastroenterologist

Salvatore Bauleo :

Salvatore Bauleo

Physician, Neurologist

Antonio Alberti :

Antonio Alberti

Civil lawyer

Nicola Alessandri :

Nicola Alessandri

Lawyer, Expert in Corporate and International Law

Federico Enriques :

Federico Enriques


Stefano Cinotti :

Stefano Cinotti

DVM, University Professor, Manager Health

Elisabeth Robinson :

Elisabeth Robinson

Chemical Engineer, Entrepreneur


Giovanni Posabella :

Giovanni Posabella

Physician, Specialist in Sports Medicine, Medical Officer of the National MTB at the Olympics in Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004

Lorenzo Alessi :

Lorenzo Alessi

He graduated in Physical Education, Technical Trainer at the Italian Cycling Federation