Riolo Terme stands on the first hills of the Appennino Romagnolo at 98m a.s.l. along the Senio stream valley; we are halfway from Bologna and Florence in a magical territory, dedicated to wine and oil high quality production and uncommonly without industrial settlements. The close Lamone valley connects Faenza to Firenze and it is crossed by an ancient railway retracing the old imperial routes between Roma and Ravenna, the two capitals of the Roman Empire. Nearby mountains between Romagna and Tuscany host ancient medieval settlements: monasteries and cloisters, churches and castles. Road routes unknot along old paths with gentle slopes, ideal for the amateur biker and most of all far from the main roads and speed traffic. In the surroundings, you will find architectural jewels and art cities, museums and markets, craftsmanship and food farming of the highest quality.
The sport man could dedicate do cycling but the offer does not end up here because Riolo Terme has an 18 holes golf green, swimming-pools and dedicated horse riding facilities. In conclusion, after so much athletic activity, the reception of the secular thermal baths tradition enriched by restauration quality.
Excellences of the Centre – certified by the Italian Ministry of Healt as “1st Level Superior Thermal Facility” – are its precious natural resources: the medical waters of Vittoria, Breta, Margherita and the fine mud of the Bergullo little volcanoes, the only natural mud of the Emilia-Romagna region. Terme di Riolo is equipped with mud-balneotherapy, Natural Methodologies Centre and Aesthetic Medicine.
At the end of an intense athletic activity, let the gentle coziness of the Wellness Centre envelop you with its Thermarium and salsobromoiodic thermal pool kept at 34o, you will taste the ancient rituals of psychophysical wellness and its precious natural remedies.


Throughout Medieval times the main centre of the Senio valley was the Laderchio castle from which depended the adjacent towers: Ossano, Voltrignano, Arbustedo, Chiesanuova, Limisano e Riolo. Between 1494 and 1499 the hamlet of Riolo was Caterina Sforza’s feud, where she built the citadel and the defensive walls. In the following decades Laderchio lost in importance until it disappeared, leaving Riolo as the dominant inhabited centre of the area: nowadays, inside the citadel stands a museum.
Called “Riolo dei Bagni” under the Italian Unification, in 1870 the construction of the building hosting the thermal baths was started: the opening was celebrated on July 24th, 1877. Since then, the Terme di Riolo, surrounded by gentle Romagna hills in the magic frame of a vast secular park, allow to enjoy the maximum tranquility and re-taste natural rhythms, savor regional food and visit these places full of history and charm.

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Trekking and Mountain Bike routes

The area is suited for long excursions in the Sintria valley towards the Monte Mauro peak, the highest in the Vena del Gesso Romagnola with its 515m a.s.l.. From here it is possible to reach the center of the chalky outcrop connecting the Sillaro valley to Brisighella and to the Lamone valley: a unique landscape in one of the most peculiar areas of the Appennino Romagnolo, departure point of several horse riding, MTB or trekking routes

In the Rio Sanguinario riverbed, by the “Costa” small farm, right under the churches of Serra and Bergullo lie some fumarole (small geysers) or little volcanoes called “buldur” in local dialect, active and subjects to movements. The name perfectly describes their activity: they present to the visitor as sections of cones, about 20 cm tall, similar to a volcanic crater summit. From there, a liquid mud flows along the sides. The inner part of these craters is always humid; every minute a muddy grey bubble raises up and once reached the top of the mouth it bursts, releasing gas with a modest noise, similar to that of a cork when opening a wine bottle. The phenomenon is provoked by methane gas. The mud is cold and has always been used to cure men and animals from arthritis, fractures after-effects and traumas; nowadays it is utilized for therapeutic treatments by Terme di Riolo.

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Castles Tour

Imola, Dozza
Riolo, Brisighella, Bagnara, Lugo
Bertinoro, Cesena, Predappio, Castrocaro, Terra di Sole

Cities and Museums Tour

Bologna: arcades, oldest University in Western Civilization
Ravenna: Bizantine Capital of the Western Roma Empire, mosaics
Faenza: MIC – Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche – International Ceramics Museum
Fiesole: the Duomo
Firenze: the Renaissance